Stay ahead of the competition with PletraTech's Azure services and solutions. We help you define futuristic cloud service models, ensuring a seamless transformation and migration to the cloud.

Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It offers a variety of services like analytics, computing, databases, mobile, networking, and storage. This makes Azure a top choice for businesses of all sizes and a leading data platform for modern applications.

At Pletratech, we understand your business challenges. Our expert team of Azure developers and architects can help you integrate cloud computing into your IT and business strategies, creating a modern infrastructure. With our partnership with Azure IoT Suite and Microsoft, we provide complete Azure services.

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Azure Building Blocks

Azure services

Azure Consulting Services

Right from initial review and planning to deployment, Pletratech can meet all the needs of Microsoft Azure. Our expertise in cloud advising services allows us to assist our clientele build a strong business case to deploy the Microsoft Azure platform.

Azure Consulting Services

Internet of Things (IOT) the new buzzword which refers to Digitizing everything by connecting devices, data, cloud and analytics. IoT has the capability of unleashing the capabilities which includes connecting of Billions of devices and creating trillions of dollars in economic value.

Azure Consulting Services

Azure follows a Data lake which makes BigData analytics easy with an approach which allows analysis of any kind of data of any size. With an expertise on Analytics and Machine learning, Pletratech has hands-on expertise with.

Azure Application Development

Web, Mobile, Logic and API apps development can be possible through ‘App Service’ – a powerful cloud platform helps in connecting data anywhere, in the cloud or on-premises