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Challenges to successful CPQ implementation


Do you think that CPQ is a tool you just install & you will get success? Well, try! CPQ implementation is a process, not a moment.
It is fascinating to consider CPQ to be a “sales solution” or a tool that just expects Sales to put a small amount of time in figuring out how to explore the application with little interest from others in your company.
CPQ isn’t unreasonably simple, and the implementation project should be treated with extraordinary attention to guarantee that a fruitful system is installed.
Here are three main challenges that can make your implementation miss the mark. Luckily, these issues are not hard to address, but rather planning ahead of time is the most ideal approach to guarantee things work out in a good way.

Three main CPQ Implementation Challenges and Solutions

1. One-Dimensional CPQ Implementation Project

CPQ isn’t only a sales application. CPQ contacts numerous verticals inside the business, and it requires cooperation, buy-in, and support from various groups throughout the association. Product Management and Engineering need to give explicit data about the final results just as the parts and assemblies making up those product.

This should incorporate performance information and other application-explicit data. The CPQ system has to understand what arranged choices are utilized or not utilized in a given configuration.

Evaluating price choices are not only accessible, there are limitations on discounts and the use of nonstandard value records. The finance department should give that insight into the system.

An excessive number of CPQ implementation projects begin and kick the bucket since Sales the board figures they can do everything without assistance from IT, Finance, Product Management and other invested individuals.

You can guarantee input, purchase in and support for the CPQ project by first acquiring an upper-administration support who can swing the large stick when important to guarantee that the perfect individuals have the correct concentration as far as bringing the framework on the web.
There is a lot in danger to go it single-handedly.

2. Bad Data

The information got to and utilized by the CPQ arrangement should be exact, exceptional and immediately and straightforwardly kept up. Revealing a finish of-year crusade total with uncommon limited time valuing and not refreshing the costs in CPQ is a certain method to annihilate the certainty individuals have in CPQ and lose deals because of increased costs.

Something very similar is valid with the arrangement information contained inside the system. In the event that you are designing a product utilizing information from a year ago’s model, you are likely going to make an issue and perhaps lose a deal.

All information inside the system should be current, exact and verified.

All propositions created by the system should be information and time-stepped to make certain of what age of product, parts and assemblies were utilized inside the quote.

Guaranteeing this a matter of incorporating the cycle for refreshing data into the execution plan. Proprietors of explicit information should take responsibility for measure for ensuring that information is kept current.

3. Incomplete Whole Product

Remember that selling the product or service is just essential for what must be done to call a deal settle. The CPQ arrangement should not simply be restricted to getting the part numbers and description right; there are different interesting points.

Payment plans, Finance vehicles, delivery options, post-implementation maintenance, and the implementation/training or installation plan itself are all important for the entire product. Your clients won’t consider the deal done if you leave the project in between.

This is particularly evident if your product includes any virtual perspectives or is maybe a cloud-based item or other intangible contribution. Individuals have active minds, and they will fill in openings in your introduction with assumption that you probably won’t be prepared to meet.

This falls upon product management. They are accustomed to thinking about products down to the most fundamental segments including the intangibles. Ensure they are remembered for your selection and implementation planning.

Final Words

CPQ implementation is not a nightmare to companies but it need planning and attention. Pletra Technology is one of the leading Salesforce consulting company with experience and expertise to drive Salesforce-powered digital transformation for your enterprise. Our consultants can help clients leverage the Salesforce platform effectively to innovate and create value from customer operations. We can help you to successfully implement the CPQ in your organization.