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Why have an app for fruit and vegetable shopping?

Fruit and vegetable app

Why have an app for fruit and vegetable shopping?

Fruit and vegetable app

Fruit and vegetable app – As fresh vegetables are a part of your everyday meals, some vegetables are hard to find even in the huge supermarkets in your area.

However, the luxury of online shopping offers customers the comfort of relishing these veggies by ordering them from the comfort of their homes. Here, we will help you with both perspectives as a consumer, as well as someone who is dealing with fruits and vegetables daily in his/her business.

Why buy fruits and veggies online?

While we can easily find beetroot, amlas, green peas, and broccoli in the market, the grocery mobile app will make shopping easier for you with their fresh produce delivered in top-class packages right to your doorsteps and will give you the benefit of fresh fruits and vegetables every time.

Not only do the veggies, fruits, and other stuff of better quality but you also save yourself from the trouble of haggling for price with the vendors on the road, and just in case you find any of the stuff you purchased online not up to the mark, there are a lot of portals/apps which offer you the option of returning the same within 24 hours.

So, now why get stuck up with rotten ladyfingers or cauliflower?

Shop the fresh products and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

Fruit and vegetable app can increase your revenue

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Benefits of the Fruit and vegetable app

As we all know there are several reasons why online grocery shopping is a better thing. You must choose to buy fresh vegetables and fruits online because:

    • Farm fresh vegetables and fruits.
    • Shop online from the comfort of your couch.
    • Fresh and organic foodstuff.
    • Better variety.
    • No need to bargain and fight.
    • Have your order delivered to your doorstep within a stipulated time.
    • Look out for great deals, offers, and value packs while shopping online.
    • Save time, money, and effort by completing your routine grocery shopping online.

    Fruit and vegetable app

    Business with a Mobile App

    For a good start-up, we need to make a roadmap on which we can easily run and win the business race over other competitors. Before making any perfect plan, we need toanalyse the market. Also, we have to carry a feasible study

    Without proper planning and strategy, there is no benefit for any kind of business execution which can leave loopholes in the actual estimation of future income statements, and cash flows.

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    Fruit and vegetable app makes it Easy for Customers to Reach You

    Mobile apps let your target audience access your services or information with a few swipes from anywhere, anytime. For example, a hotel booking mobile app lets the user book the rooms in one go. And this feature makes a difference as today’s customers want to avoid multiple pages or steps to access the service or information.

    Obviously, a customer will prefer the services being delivered to him/her in less or no waiting time.

    It Raises Your Brand Awareness

    A mobile app has your logo and name on it. Once your app is downloaded, your brand is right there in front of your target audience. And they are not required to search for you.

    It is a Quick Way to Promote Your Business

    With an ever-increasing number of people using a mobile apps for buying, trading, exploring, and transactions, a mobile app is an effective platform to promote your products, services, and offers.

    Fruit and vegetable app Improves Customer Engagement

    When you engage the customers, you get them closer to your business, which leads to many benefits, like increased sales, profitability, and customer loyalty. A mobile app helps you increase customer engagement if done in the right way.

    Create an Online Vegetable Store & Start Taking Order Through It

    With the increase in the dual ratio-income, nuclear family, the number of working women, and also time constraints to buy fresh veggies every day, there arises the need for online shopping for this segment too. Freshness, variety, ease of availability, convenience, and many veggies at one store are what the customer demands.

    Fulfill the demands of customers by creating an e-commerce website and app for your own vegetable store and pumping up your sales. Serve fresh vegetables at their doorsteps by allowing them to access your store at their fingertips.

    Fruit and vegetable

    E-Commerce Sites and Mobile App Selling Fruits, Vegetables Find More Customers

    With online grocery shopping rapidly increasing in India the retailers selling vegetables and fruits are also witnessing an upward trend. Data shows that more and more people are switching from traditional to online shopping.

    Times of India reported that when the e-vendor entered the Mumbai market in 2012, it would get around 200-300 orders every day that included fruits and vegetable orders as well. Today, the percentage of its average daily orders has increased from 7,000 to 8,000.

    Similarly, the other website after setting up its shop in Mumbai in May 2012, out of its total daily orders, 10 to 15 percent included fruits and vegetables, and today some 60 percent of the 800-900 orders they receive daily include fruits and vegetables.

    Sunitha Thampi, a local was quoted by TOI, saying that when she along with her husband moved to Mumbai from Bangalore, they had to face a tough time settling in and had virtually no time for shopping for fruits and stuff so they turned to online shopping.

    The couple has been in Mumbai for three years now and has been doing their Sabzi shopping online ever since. Not only that, but now even their other neighbors have begun online shopping for fruits and vegetables.

    The growth of online vegetable shopping in Thampi’s neighborhood virtually shows the rapid expansion of this segment.

    “We have a no-questions-asked return policy. Customers have the right to reject any item at the door if they’re not happy with it,” Rashi Choudhary, co-founder of, has said.

    Vipul Parekh, one founder of, has said the customers who have been shopping with them for three to four months have now become their regular customers.


    Online grocery shopping makes sticking to your list easier. It can advance better food choices if done right, it can save time, maybe save money, and it can provide access to healthy ingredients when access is limited.

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