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Benefits of Mobile Apps for Hotels

Mobile Apps for Hotels

Mobile Apps for Hotels

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Hotels

Mobile Apps for Hotels – Well-established hotel brands clearly depict that it’s insufficient for such an industry as hospitality to enhance only service quality. It’s vitally important to show authentic care for your clients and predict a priori their demands in order to obtain success.

While being on the go modern travelers use their mobile devices to get hotel info right on their smartphones. Moreover, the leading hotels propose to their visitor’s possibility to contact customer service, check in to guest rooms, change reservations, or obtain GPS mapping while they are still in motion.

What are the advantages of developing mobile apps for hotels?

The hotel industry is one of the highly portable businesses all over the world. Today, with the advancement of technology people have complete freedom to choose their food, stay, and other amenities in their tour packages. This has become possible with a few mouse clicks or pressing a few buttons on their smartphones. However, developing mobile apps for the hotel industry offers plenty of advantages for clients and owners which are given below:

1. Booking has never been easier – Mobile Apps for Hotels

The modern traveler will prefer smartphones to book their hotel as they get all the information about the place and scroll across different hotels on their smartphone. So, creating hotel booking apps help your client to confirm their booking with one and two clicks.

2. Quicker accessibility to information for your guest:

A mobile app for your hospitality business can provide fast and effective information about your hotel to your guest. Moreover, mobile apps for hotel industry saves customer to contact the front desk of the hotel.

3. You can even collect data on your user:

You can provide different facilities and display their prices or tell that it is free or chargeable to the customers. Moreover, you can also ask clients to provide feedback about your service which surely helps you to better understand your customers.

4. The bond between you and your customer has never been stronger:

An app for your hotel gives plenty of features that are helpful for customers. For example, you can use notification functionality which reminds guests for 15 minutes before the room cleaning service staff.

It also offers sufficient time to leave the room or to refuse the room cleaning right at the given time using your hotel app. You can also send notifications about the swimming pool available to your guest so that they can schedule their visit according to it.

5. Boost hotel staff productivity:

Mobile apps are also the perfect tool to keep track of your staff. If you already created a mobile app for your hotel, which helps you to then monitor their work and provide them feedback when needed.

6. Strengthening Brand Loyalty

Offering a dedicated hotel app can enhance both customer loyalty and brand loyalty. A mobile app can integrate a guest loyalty program where hotel guests can collect points and rewards for their bookings and hotel stays. Moreover, you can also offer an additional discount to them for future hotel booking. It is also the easiest way to create a brand identity for your hotel.

7. Competitive advantage:

Hotel mobile apps are still few in number, therefore by providing the dedicated app to your client, you can easily get a competitive advantage over your customers who have yet not created an app for their hotel.
Adaptation of software development for hotels & reservation is significantly increasing in the recent time, which helps you to boost your customer base and enhanced the user experience of the guest, and it will continue to do so in the time to come as there are many mobile app development companies are in the market which is providing services of hotel management system software, hotel reservation software, hotel front office system software, hotel restaurant software, hotel front desk system software according to your business needs.

In the current digital age, mobile devices are everywhere and for any task, you can think of, an app exists to perform it.

According to technology research, the number of tablet devices will surpass personal computers in 2017, with an estimated 140% surge in market demand.

In the hotel industry where guest service is king, mobile apps can help you facilitate the quality service you want to provide.

Mobile Apps for Hotels

Apps can be used by guests when they’re making a booking and throughout their stay, with all the information at their fingertips.

8. Reasons Why Your Hotel Should Have Mobile Apps

1. Guests expect businesses to have mobile apps for hotels

Consumers are increasingly finding ways to solve their own inquiries. One of the methods they use to do this is by downloading apps. If they are booking with your hotel, they expect to be able to easily check their details and interact with your hotel instantly through an app rather than by email, phone, or web browser. If you don’t have an app, guests may decide to book elsewhere.

2. Make life simpler for both your hotel and your guests.

Guests and hotels can immediately enter into conversation through an app, allowing guests to clarify details or make requests while hotels can offer guests special deals and promotions or ask for feedback. An app also allows integration with other communication channels like social media or push notifications. This means guests will never miss an update and can always access information on the go.

3. Strengthen your loyalty program with a mobile app.

Integrating your guest loyalty program into your mobile app will allow guests to more easily collect points, earn rewards, and claim their benefits. You could even ask guests to build a more comprehensive profile in the app to gain more points. With more data, you can get to know more guests on a personal level and provide a greater level of service to them.

4. Create a smoother reservation process with a mobile app.

By integrating your booking system with your app, your customer can literally do all their shopping in one place. They can book, confirm, request changes, purchase extras, and receive and send messages – all within the app. This creates a faster and less confusing experience for travelers.

5. Provide a direct link to your customers.

With an app, hotel staff can address guests faster and improve the efficiency of communication. Plus if someone has downloaded your app, they’re showing an active interest in your hotel and you can potentially capture a direct booking before they look elsewhere.

6. Guide guests through your hotel and destination with a mobile app.

On an app you can curate a personal guide for your guests telling them about all the features of your hotel, what attractions are close by, and where they should go to a shop and eat. They could even make bookings for spa sessions at the hotel while they’re out. Guests are always looking for convenience on a trip, so helpful suggestions go a long way.

7. Maintain a competitive advantage with a mobile app for hotels

Even though apps are becoming increasingly popular, there are still many hospitality businesses that haven’t adopted them. Having your own app will immediately put you ahead of other hotels in the eyes of guests and allow you to capture bookings you otherwise wouldn’t have.

8. Enable guests to communicate in their own language.

Mobile apps have the capability to translate communications back and forth. So if a guest sends a message in their native Spanish, your hotel will receive it in English and translate your reply back to Spanish. This ensures there’s never any misinterpretation of requests or inquiries.

In order for your app to be successful, it should always be solving a problem for the user and provide real-time information. If used correctly, you can give your guests a fantastic experience and grow your brand affinity. Let’s connect to discuss more on developing mobile apps for hotels.


So, a hotel room service mobile app can facilitate a self-service model for your guest that prefer any type of interaction.

However, a hospitality accounting mobile application is a great way to boost your staff’s mobility without sacrificing on productivity. While there are a lot of mobile apps for hotel management out there that share similar features.

Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll consult you in regards to your hotel mobile app development what all features your hotel mobile app includes.

Pletra Technology is one of the leading Mobile Apps Development with experience and expertise to translate your ideas into futuristic apps and immersive mobile experiences.

Our experts can help clients leverage the mobile application platform effectively to innovate and create value from customer operations. We can help you to successfully implement the Mobile Application for Hotel.

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Why Mobile Apps Can Help You Grow Your Business?

Business with Mobile Apps

What are business owners looking for every day?

Three simple things:
How do I increase sales, improve efficiency and build a loyal customer base?

I would say those are the top three things on every business owner’s mind. Entrepreneurs are a special breed, working hours that regular people would balk at. Although they invest all of their resources into their vision, their dream and always looking for ways to improve.

Being a small business owner of several clothing boutiques for two decades, I was looking to do all of the above. I did a lot of research into how to accomplish those goals. Increasing sales and building a loyal client base were the most important in my search for a solution. It was then that I discovered that businesses with a loyalty program generally do more than 20% more in sales than businesses without one. That was it — loyalty!

I was going to implement a loyalty program in my retail business — that was my “aha” moment. After looking for a solution with little success, I decided to build it myself. Since then, the mobile app space has grown in leaps and bounds. There are several companies a small business owner could turn to to develop a mobile-based loyalty program viz. BuildFire, Mobile Roadie and Siberian Pro and the company I founded Mass Mobile Apps are all among them. When looking for a company to produce your mobile app, look for people you can work with and who understand what your needs as a business owner are.

A mobile app can be a lot of different things. It can be a way to access information, to play games, to do your banking, to monitor your home, to communicate and now to interact with your local businesses. Business owners with the insight to adopt this marketing channel early display their ability to understand where their customers are and how to effectively engage with them. The move to mobile is not new, but the ability for small- and medium-size businesses to adopt a marketing channel like this is.

Grow Your Business with Mobile Apps- So how can a mobile app help your business? Let’s examine the points outlined:

How Can It Increase Sales?

The mobile app can include a variety of different types of loyalty programs. Each program is engineered to make your clients come back more often and spend more when they do. Rewards can be used in several other ways. Tiered levels, which give your clients the incentive to progress up your different levels, giving the ones at the top additional perks is one of them. One popular game is the scratch-and-win feature. It works for both end-users and merchants.

How Does A Mobile App Improve Efficiency?

Apps can contain features like integrated shopping carts, integrated food ordering, and employee scheduling. This gives the employer the ability to house these key functions of their digital footprint inside the app. A restaurant with a food ordering system built into its app will see a dramatic increase in online and in-app purchasing. A retail business with an integrated e-commerce system will increase efficiency and also boost sales figures. All businesses may be able to improve employee engagement with built-in scheduling softwares. These software allows employees to be notified of their schedules in real-time, and to also always have access to it on their smartphones. No longer can they say, “I forgot I was scheduled today,” or, “no one told me I was working.”

How Does A Mobile App Build A Loyal Customer Base?

This is one of the most important things that a business owner must focus on. Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Successful businesses know this and make it a priority to build loyalty and make brand ambassadors. Mobile apps are among the best ways to communicate and engage with customers. The app gives your customers the ability to interact with your business on their schedule. Push notifications have open rates that can max out more than 90%. Compare that to emails with open rates of 25-30%, and you can see how the mobile app will become the best way for you to connect with your customers.

Mobile apps today are much like websites were 15 years ago. 15 years ago websites were cost-prohibitive to small- and medium-sized businesses. Mobile apps seem to have that stigma today. That is no longer the case. “Do it yourself” mobile app platforms now level the playing field, and smaller enterprises can now have all of the features of a Fortune 500 company’s mobile strategy at a fraction of the price.

Times have truly changed and it’s imperative for any business to quickly adapt with the latest technological developments. Noticeably, iPhone apps and other mobile applications are taking the world by storm. And majority of smart, forward-thinking entrepreneurs are taking advantage of mobile apps to further improve their business. Here are 5 ways to grow your business with mobile apps and the benefits of mobile applications:

1. Boost branding – Since your company’s logo and or slogan are visible on your customers’ mobile screens, it’s virtually impossible not to remember you whenever they need your products/services. It also offers a definite advantage against your competitors who are yet to adopt this business strategy. If you want an instant brand boost or recognition, creating a mobile application is a great way to help improve your corporate branding and overall reputation.

2. Improve customer service experience – Your customers can benefit from being able to access your products/services anytime they want and while on the fly. This is especially true if you don’t have a helpline that’s available 24/7. Your app can include a feature where they can contact you day or night, and without necessarily going to your website.

3. Act as a marketing tool – More than just an application, a mobile app can double as a valuable marketing tool. How? It can be easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social media sites. That means, with a single tap, customers can share with their network your app and or their experience with your company, which can then offer you free publicity. Plus, using push notification, you can quickly send upcoming promotions or special events to your customers and prospects.

4. Acquire more customers – Keep in mind that today’s consumers are constantly moving and are addicted to their mobile devices. Undoubtedly, they would appreciate a useful and engaging mobile app from your company. If your app helps them save or kill time or is just that awesome, they would even refer you to their friends and family.

5. Generate more income – A mobile application with order fulfillment ability can readily provide another revenue channel than a regular brick-and-mortar site. For example, functionality to make restaurant reservations, book concert tickets, buy goods and services, etc. are possible with a few taps/clicks. But wait, there’s more! You can also earn by charging app users when they upgrade, or by offering in-app advertisements, etc.


Unfortunately, many business owners are yet to recognize the huge potential benefits of mobile applications. They can boost productivity, efficiency, competitive edge, and user experience. Been pondering how you can possibly grow your business? Mobile apps just might be the answer. Contact us for advice and to help you get started!

Pletra Technology is one of the leading Mobile Apps Development with experience and expertise to translate your ideas into futuristic apps and immersive mobile experiences.

Our experts can help clients leverage the mobile application platform effectively to innovate and create value from customer operations. We can help you to successfully implement the Mobile Application for Business.